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Eldercare Strategy

If you are dealing with a long-term care crisis for an aging parent, the Eldercare Strategy will become your road map on how to pay for Home Health Care, Assisted Living, or Nursing Home costs in the most tax-efficient, cost-effective way possible. As an integral part of the plan, we investigate government programs such as Medicaid and Veterans Benefits for qualifying veterans to further reduce the out-of-pocket expense for care.

The Eldercare Strategy is designed using a 4-step process:

  • Clearly define and understand your loved one's care needs and associated costs.

  • Comprehensive analysis and evaluation of all sources of income, expenses, cash flow, taxes, current asset allocation, economic variables, and health/longevity risks.

  • Analysis of the facts and creation of a written, comprehensive plan in a language that you can understand.

Implementation of the plan: Upon implementation of the plan, we carefully monitor it to ensure it meets expectations, and communicate the results on a regular basis through annual reviews.  You will always have my direct number and I will personally answer your calls if you ever have questions or concerns.

An Eldercare Strategy addresses the specific cost concerns you have for your loved one's care, allowing you to focus on more important areas like providing comfort and emotional support to your family member.








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